Analysts not buying Microsoft’s ‘out of stock’ line

360analystfeb18.jpgWhen NPD released the January sales numbers a few days ago, it turned out that for the first time ever, PS3 had outsold the 360 on the US market. Microsoft says they fully expected that to happen and even sent out a press release, explaining that their third place finish behind Sony and Nintendo occurred because they underestimated the post-holiday demand and are experiencing temporary shortages. However, the analysts aren’t buying it. One analyst in particular — Evan Wilson of Pacific Crest Securities — is questioning Microsoft’s party line.

“..we find it hard to believe that an underestimation of demand led to significant constraints given recent sales volume. Constraints seem more likely due to component restrictions or an intentional drying of the channel in front of a new-product launch,” Wilson said in an investor note.

But Microsoft insists that they have no sinister intentions to artificially create shortage. In a short interview about this shortage situation, Xbox spokesman David Dennis told Next-gen that such talk is “absolutely not accurate” and that they’re doing everything they can to replenish supply. “It’s simply a case of the demand outpacing our forecasts,” Dennis said.