Frontlines’ MP player cap raised to 50, maybe more ?


Thanks to using their own dedicated servers, the Xbox 360 version of Kaos Studios’ upcoming Frontlines: Fuel of War was initially advertised as having 32-player online matches – already a record on Xbox LIVE. But now they devs have apparently raised the cap to 50 players, and are aiming for more.

Gamespot wrote in a hands-on report on Friday that “Frontlines can go all the way up to 50 players”. That number has now been confirmed by Frank DeLise, the General Manager at Kaos Studios, over at the official Frontlines community who says they have indeed raised the cap to 50 on some servers and “actually hit 73 during testing” but that they’re “taking baby steps as this is a pretty big leap.”

“On one test, we had solarfarm (huge map) with no vehicles, 50+ players. It was like watching a civil war as hords of people ran over the mountains towards control points. It ended up being much funner than I thought it would be. It was awesome,” DeLise said in yet another post.

Even if you tried the single-player demo and didn’t think much of it, you should still definitely check out the multi-player demo on LIVE (just don’t forget to adjust the sensitivity of the controls). It’s a completely different ballgame, and a very good one at that. All the drones, airstrikes and EMP weapons bring a new dimension to how you capture and protect the front line. PC gamers will get a taste of it soon as well – a multi-player demo is scheduled for a March 11 release.

If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re having a little Frontlines giveaway where copies of the game are up for grabs (both PC and X360). Check the details on the competition page right here.

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