Enhanced Version Of The Witcher Coming to PC’s


There’s no denying that CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher was one of, if not the best RPG available for PC’s last year. So what could possibly make it better? An improved, enhanced version of course.

Word from CD Projekt Red is that the enhanced version of the game will be a more polished product, both technically and gameplay wise.

You can look forward to loading times being reduced by 80%, the game will run better various configurations, and the interactivity and precision in combat will be improved as well. Project Manager Maciej Szczesnik says the English-language version will be completely re-done for the most part, creating more immersion due to the fact that A LOT was taken out from the previous build. Other versions will be polished also.

There will be 50+ new supporting character models, the inventory panel will be re-designed, and there will be major re-vamps to the dialog scenes allowing players and NPC’s to communicate with 100 new animated gestures, making their interactions and body language come off as more natural.

The Witcher Enhanced Edition will also include a mod editor called D’jinni that allows players to create or modify their own adventures in the game world, and two new adventures as well.

You can look forward to this being released around May of this year.