Oft-delayed Haze “NOT Duke Nukem Forever”


Last time we heard about Haze’s release was a little less than a month ago, when it was delayed for the umpteenth time. But it seems the devs have been keeping themselves busy the entire time by making changes and adding new things that have apparently been a significant improvement to the game.

A presumed Free Radical employee over at the Ubisoft forums says that while he can’t specify on the changes and additions, “the extra bit of time has made a big difference for the better.” The poster also says that Haze is “NOT Duke Nukem Forever” and hints that the long-awaited first person shooter will arrive “*very* soon”, but fails to specify.

So besides a little hype, this gives us nothing new – the game is still coming some time in the unspecified future and the devs are promising good things as always.

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