Splash Damage’s new IP something completely new

paulwedgewoodfeb19.jpgSplash Damage owner Paul Wedgwood has said in a pre-GDC talk that the new intellectual property the company is currently working on is going to be something completely new, as deep (if not deeper) as Enemy Territory, and easier to get into, which is key to getting new players aboard.

The man also said that a third of the company’s efforts are being put to use when it comes to making the interface of Quake Wars, the company’s latest release, less painful to newcomers.

PC will continue to be the main focus for Splash, with Nerve Software taking care of their console versions. “The PC is really strong. But you have to develop specifically for the PC, because back-porting from consoles just doesn’t work… You miss vital elements,” Wedgewood said.

Splash Damage recently announced that they’re going to double the size of their London studio for the new multi-platform title.