Civilization Revolution US/EU release dates confirmed


The release dates for Sid Meier’s latest, Civilization Revolution, have been confirmed today. The world-sim will see daylight in North America on June 3, and June 6 in Europe. This date goes for all versions, meaning PS3, 360 and DS. The Wii version was canceled not too long ago, the reason given being that the development of the Wii version started too late when compared to the others. The decision on whether or not the Wii version will still happen will be affected by how well the other versions do.

While previous Civ’s are known for their PC incarnations, Revolution has been designed and built from the ground up specifically for consoles. So with the recent trend of more and more strategy games being developed for consoles, it will be interesting to see how well Sid Meier has pulled this off.

Twelve new of screenshots were released to celebrate the announcement as well. Head to the CivRev gallery to check them out.

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