Updated / Gears of War 2 officially announced


You knew it, I knew it, and now it’s finally official – Gears of War 2, the sequel to Epic Games’ 2006 mega-hit, is coming. Yup, we’re in for some more Locust chainsawing action in the future.

The news was dropped in an Italian press release just moments before Microsoft’s keynote at the ongoing Game Developers Conference and although no details about gameplay changes/improvements/additions were released, the announcement itself is enough to make a lot of 360 owners happy campers. There will apparently be a 1-minute trailer using the in-game engine shown during the keynote, we’ll post it as soon as it makes its way to the intertubes.

Next to heavy-weight titles like BioShock, The Orange Box, Halo3, Oblivion, Call of Duty 4 and Mass Effect, the original Gears continues to be one of the highest rated and most sold Xbox 360 games of all time. The possibility of Epic dropping the ball and creating anything less than its predecessor is highly unlikely, so doubting GoW2’s ascension to the level of the aforementioned games would be sheer madness. It’s also safe to say that Gears of War 2 is among the games that Shane Kim meant when he said Microsoft’s 2008 line-up is filled, but that we “just don’t know about it”. Well, now we know about one of them.

Gears of War 2 will be released in November as an Xbox 360 exclusive, naturally. That is, until the PC version follows a year or so later..

Update 1: The debut trailer is now available
Update 2: Limited Edition on the way
Update 3: GoW2 will have chainsaw battles