In-game XMB about to arrive?


PS3-owners who have been rather vocal about an in-game XMB have now been ‘officially’ recognized by Sony – a bunch of t-shirts have been spotted at GDC with the text “In-Shirt XMB” printed on them. So it would seem likely that Sony will finally announce the much demanded feature at GDC this week and gamers will be able to send messages to each other, and listen to the music of their choice while playing a game any time now, right ? Nope, not yet.

Jeff Rubenstein from Sony’s official PlayStation blog writes that the in-game XMB feature will in fact not be announced this week. “I see the same rumors, and they’re just that – rumors. Literally 95% of what I’ve read this week is just groundless speculation. But hey, that’s the game biz,” he added. So it seems Sony was just exercising their questionable sense of humor and wanted to poke a little light-hearted fun at their fans.