LostWinds blowing onto WiiWare


Amongst the GDC madness, UK-based Frontier Developments (think “Thrillville”) has announced LostWinds today, their very first WiiWare title.

The game will have you dive into the land of Mistralis, and take control of Enril the wind spirit so you can guide and protect Toku – a young boy on a quest to break a curse set on Mistralis by a baddy named Balasar. The game promises to use the Wii-mote by letting you put “the power of the wind in the palm of your hand”. You’ll have a variety of moves allowing you to whip up break-neck tornados or light breezes, and literally blow your enemies away.

Frontier CEO David Braben calls LostWinds is an innovative game and says it’s an exciting project for the company. “Frontier is packed full of talented game enthusiasts, and contributing creative ideas and feedback is actively encouraged. WiiWare offers a perfect extra outlet for that creativity, and I hope that LostWinds is the first of many games that will follow this process,” he says.

No solid date has been given yet, but the game will be available exclusively via WiiWare. So if you’re interested in “blowing away” your enemies, you’re going to need a Wii-mote to do it. First screenshots from the windy adventure await you in the gallery.

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