Commodore 64 classics headed to Wii’s Virtual Console

internationalkarate.jpgNintendo has announced today that classic games from Commodore 64 will be headed to Virtual Console later this year. International Karate and Uridium will be among the first titles to become available, and will be accompanied by new releases from the Commodore 64 back catalogue on a regular basis, for 500 Wii Points each.

The catch is that the games will currently be available on the European Wii Shop Channel only.

Bala Keilman, CEO of Commodore Gaming: “The massive impact the Commodore 64 had on video-gaming is still evident today with many gamers remembering the computer and its games with great fondness. By working with Nintendo of Europe, we are ensuring that future generations of gamers can play some of the best and most popular titles that kick-started the computer games revolution and so keep the C64 legacy in gamers hearts.”

Laurent Fischer, Managing Director of European Marketing & PR of Nintendo Europe adds: “We are extremely pleased to be working with Commodore Gaming to provide even more retro hits for Wii owners to choose from on Virtual Console. With over 184 classic titles now available to enjoy, Virtual Console on Wii is a great way for users to access a breadth of classic retro games. We hope that this great choice of games will bring nostalgia to our gaming fans, while an entirely new generation of video game players can experience a host of classic games for the very first time.”