Havok releasing core physics for free

havokcompletefree.jpgAttention wanna-be game developers. Havok is going to make the PC version of their physics and animation software, Havok Complete, available as a free download for non-commercial use. They’re hoping that by doing this, creative game development will see a boost throughout the industry.

If whatever you cook up manages to impress Havok and Intel (Havok’s parent company), you can execute a commercial distribution license with Havok, for free.

Renee James from Intel says this move aligns well with their “ongoing strategy of putting the best software tools in the hands of PC games developers” and that Intel is very pleased to be sponsoring this direction in the PC market.

Havok’s Managing Director David O’Meara adds that this industry-changing move opens up a much broader market for Havok products, including the recently announced Havok Cloth and Havok Destruction.

Havok Complete will be available for download starting this May.