More details on Community Games


When 360’s Community Games were announced during Microsoft’s keynote yesterday, the folks on stage were a little skimpy on the details while doing the presentation. And the press release that followed later in the day didn’t give out much either.

Thankfully Microsoft had their bloggers breakfast again this morning where a bunch of bloggers got to ask Chris Satchell (General Manager of Microsoft’s XNA Group), Aaron Greenberg (Product Manager for Xbox/Xbox LIVE) and John Schappert (Corporate Vice President of LIVE) some questions and shed some more light on the whole thing. Here’s what we know:

  • There is no rating system in place for Community Games, meaning you won’t be able to get access to them if parental controls are enabled. ESRB-like organizations won’t be involved in ratings, but Microsoft is turning to them for advice.
  • Both Silver and Gold members will be able to download Community Games, but Microsoft isn’t talking about how they plan to monetize the service yet. There will be a beta in Spring and they’ll move from there.
  • The current size limit for each game is 150MB but they’re going to listen to the community, and if the need comes, are open to upping the maximum allowed size.
  • Besides showing some info on Marketplace, the games will also have a website where people can search for the games, watch videos, read developer comments etc.
  • Full rights will remain in the hands of the creators, and they’ll be able to choose which regions they want their games to become available in.
  • Community Games will not have Achievements.

The first taste of the potential of Community Games is now available on LIVE in the form of seven very different user-created games. They’re time limited and disappear from LIVE this Sunday, so don’t miss out.