Nintendo Showing Europe Some Love: Release Dates For Brawl, Mario Kart, and WiiFit


It’s no secret that European gamers often get the shaft when release dates for just about everything game related are concerned. Some games even come a whopping 6 months after their release in the US or Japan, and Nintendo is often one of the main offenders of this abuse.

Well the Big N is aiming to turn that around, at least with three of their heavy artillery games releasing this year. First it’s Mario Kart Wii which will drop on April 11th, followed by WiiFit on April 25th, and lastly Brawl, which will be out June 6th.

In comparison Brawl launches in the US March 9th, followed by Wii Fit which hits May 19th, but no set date has been given for or Mario Kart Wii.