BioWare Wants To Eat Your Life


It needs to be said that MMORPGs are “life eaters.” In simple terms, they take over your life, consuming hours, days, and months that will never be returned to you, all in an effort for you to flourish amongst an expansive online community. So who better to enter the playing field than BioWare right?

Kotaku reports that the company famed for Jade Empire, Knights Of the Old Republic and most recently Mass Effect is currently planning to enter the arena of online RPGs.

Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, the founders of Bioware, each had their own take on wanting to get into MMOs with Ray saying: “We waited years to do this. One of our first ideas, 15 years ago, was actually an MMO but we wanted to wait until we were ready as a studio.”

Zeschuk added his own take, saying: “As a type of game, (MMOs) are almost at the pinnacle of maxing the difficulty levels for development, you have thousands of people trying to break it and mess stuff up. It’s very hard technically, it’s not for the faint of heart.”

But both look to Blizzard, the developers of the crack-like epidemic that is aptly named World Of Warcraft, for motivation.

BioWare currently has what they consider to be a strong foundation of developers that are not only dedicated to crafting their MMORPG, but are trying to bring something new to the table by identifying some elements often left out of MMOs.

Ray Muzyka says they “are choosing to innovate in a bunch of areas that no one else has innovated in this space.”

Now what exactly that is beats the hell out of me. But given their track record, I’m willing to place my money on their MMO being real heavy on dialog and interaction between players and NPCs, and that your choices will end up leading you down the good guy route, or the bad guy route.

No other news is yet known about the upcoming MMORPG, so we’ll fill you in with the details as we get ’em!