Bungie reveals new Halo 3 map


Bungie has revealed the first map from the second downloadable map pack that they’ll be releasing for Halo 3. Called Ghost Town, the map is designed for general purpose, with the action taking place in the ruins of an abandoned water purification complex. Ghost Town will be one of the maps included in the upcoming Legendary Map Pack, due later this Spring. Head to our Halo 3 gallery to check out the first three screenshots of the map in all their glory.

In other console multiplayer related news, the multiplayer engineer of Halo 3, Luke Timmins, commented on Insomniac’s plans to include 60-player multiplayer games in Resistance 2 in a recent Bungie podcast. Timmins believes there’s the danger of players losing focus and not playing together, calling what Insomniac is attempting “a challenge”.

“Some of the stuff that Resistance is doing about trying to keep jacking up the number of guys in a game… I’ve played Resistance, and I’m a huge Battlefield 2 fan but I’m still interested in how do you keep that number of guys in a game and make it seem like you are actually playing together and not just running around in a chat room.” he said. “It’s real interesting and I wish them well but, yeah, it’s a challenge.”

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