Sony Execs Running Their Mouths Again

philsonyfeb23.jpgIt was bound to happen, with Sony’s recent success over the past month there was bound to be a P/R blunder or pot shot at one or both of the other companies. Phil Harrison, Sony’s president of worldwide studios, took the opportunity at the “Lunch with The Luminaries” at GDC to take some shots at the Wii reports Gamasutra.

While chatting with EA Blueprint’s Neil Young, Phil mentioned that making Wii games may not be as viable as third-party publisher think.

Mr. Harrison chalked this up to the fact that the games are competing with Nintendo first party games, labeling the Big N’s titles “unstoppable” (that’s quite a compliment there). Phil goes on saying: “Your addressable market is only 40% of the installed base.” I guess Phil wasn’t hip to the fact that EA has been doing pretty good on Nintendo’s console, which Neil Young was quick to remind the president of Sony’s worldwide affairs, pointing to their new title Smarty Pants, which Neil claims was “very easy to build very quickly.”

Mr. Young took it another step further by saying that developing Smarty Pants was “….fundamentally much more fun…almost like Xbox Live Arcaded [development] to some degree.” saying that he feels that’s where the strength of Nintendo’s system lies.

I would’ve loved to see the look on Phil’s face after hearing that. I mean considering that 40% of the Wii’s install base equates to just about the entire install base of the PS3, I’m actually curious to know what exactly he was trying to say or accomplish there?