Another One Bites The Dust: Left 4 Dead Not Coming To PS3


In a move that adds another title to the list of games PS3 gamers won’t get to enjoy, Valve announced at GDC this week that their upcoming zombie shooter Left 4 Dead is not making it’s way to the PS3.

Valve’s Doug Lombardi has confirmed this, stating that if the company was going to develop a game for any other format outside of PC and Xbox 360, it would be for Wii.

Stop rubbing your eyes and re-reading that last sentence. He said it, I didn’t make that last part up.

Doug elaborates: “We were really crappy at bringing games to consoles.” He attributes this to the fact that it took Valve a long time just to put the original Half-Life games in console format, and adds that the company had limited interest in developing for the PlayStation 3.

“EA wanted to do Orange Box on the PS3,” he says, “and they handled it.”

“If Valve were to develop in-house for another format, it would be the Wii. It’s growing, there’s already a huge user-base, and it’s fun. Source is really scaleable. We can do that,” Lombardi said.

Valve’s dislike for Sony’s machine is no secret. Even after the PS3 had already launched, Valve’s co-founder Gabe Newell said the system is a mess and Sony should just do a do-over. So no love for PS3 from Valve.

Left 4 Dead is being developed by Turtle Rock Studios and has no specific release date at the moment.