Too Human’s story something to look forward to


Now that Mass Effect has been out for a while and somewhat quenched our thirsts for an epic story, it’s time to set our sights on something else. That is, until the second game in the Mass Effect trilogy is released of course.

Until then, gamers looking to get themselves wrapped in another long, deep and detailed sci-fi storytelling experience would do themselves a disservice if they didn’t at least keep an eye on Silicon Knights’ Too Human, which also just happens to be the first game in another Xbox 360-exclusive trilogy (yeah yeah, ME is coming to PC’s too). Denis Dyack, SK’s president, reiterated in a recent interview with TeamXbox that the story of the game will be something to behold, saying it is absolutely ambitious, very smart, and takes no prisoners.

Dyack said: “We don’t introduce characters like, “Hi, I’m Baldur, and my job is X.” We’re taking a sophisticated approach to this and, as you can tell, it’s—for people who want to dig, it’s a really, really deep rabbit hole. However, we take a Shakespearean approach to it, so at the top level, you’ve got man versus machine—people get fighting robots and they can enjoy it. And if they’re not that into story doesn’t mean they’re not going to like it. On top of that, we’ve got the deeper levels of Norse mythology, where if they want to learn and research Norse mythology, they’ll get something out of it. If they want to go even deeper and look into the themes of the effects of technology on society…well, then, we’ve won an ultimate end game.”

Silicon Knights has been working on Too Human for about ten years now. Originally being planned for PlayStation, and then GameCube, it wasn’t announced as a 360-exclusive trilogy until 2005. So they’ve had a very long of time to research, work on, and perfect every aspect the mythology, the storyline and the characters. And hopefully the gameplay will be able to match the size and scope of the story.

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