Intel Acquires Offset Software


In a very short announcement on Project Offset’s official site, founder and technical director Sam McGrath writes that Intel has acquired Offset Software, the company behind the long-awaited Project Offset game and their much talked about game engine.

McGrath also gave a little update on the status of the project in the announcement, saying that Project Offset is “going strong” and that they’re excited about things to come.

Last we heard about Project Offset was back in October of last year when news of a possible Xbox 360 version hit the net. The official site was updated with information about the Offset engine taking full advantage of the 360 hardware and they were also looking for Xbox 360 programmers to join the team. Nothing was officially confirmed nor denied though as it looks like the Offset guys like to do their thing in peace and under a cloak of secrecy – a major publisher for Project Offset has apparently also been secured, but they’re keeping it all very hush-hush for the time being.

More news about Project Offset is likely to arrive sooner rather than later as McGrath asks everyone to “stay tuned”.

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