Sony rolling up their sleeves: Resistance 2 to duke it iut with Gears of War 2


And the hits just keep on coming. First Phil Harrison was running his mouth at GDC last week, then he steps down and is rumored to be going to work for Atari, and now Scott Steinberg, Vice President of Product Marketing for Sony is claiming that Resistance 2 will go “toe-to-toe against Gears Of War 2.”

Scott was talking to when he let loose with his expectations for the follow-up to the highly successful PS3 launch title Resistance: Fall of Man. Steinberg said: “It will be our third-generation PS3 product. Insomniac, having shipped Resistance 1, quietly sold a million units. And then Ratchet & Clank last fall. This is the third [game] on their technology shipping in November.”

He also took some time to once again remind everyone that Sony won the Blu-ray vs. HD DVD format war by saying: “..the war is over and the standards battle is complete, and we have a standard and it is us.”

Who’s going to argue with the man? He’s right on all accounts, not to mention he has a point with Resistance 2 duking it out with Gears 2. Resistance 2 should move a ton of units, but the real question is can it run with and possibly beat down Gears Of War 2 in sales? That’s going to be an interesting watch.

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