Updated / Dead Space set for a Halloween release


EA has sent out word that they’ve set a release date for Dead Space, their upcoming survival horror IP. The game will released in both North America and Europe simultaneously, on October 31, or Halloween.

The release date goes for the 360 and PS3 versions, the PC version is oddly missing in action. We’ve contacted EA to see if they care to make a quick comment on the matter.

Executive Producer Glen Schofield: “Survival horror is about experiencing a terrifying, and deeply personal fiction. Dead Space is being developed as a single-player thriller that delivers the chilling, claustrophobic feeling of being isolated in a dark environment, while being stalked by some truly horrific enemies. Halloween is the perfect time for EA to deliver the fear and anxiety that will keep survival horror fans up playing all night.”

EA will also be releasing a 6-book Dead Space comic, with the first one seeing daylight next Monday, on March 3.

Update: EA’s UK PR Director Simon Smith-Wright got back to us regarding the PC version, saying it’s still on the way: “Yes it’s still in development for PC – we just haven’t announced the release date yet.”

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