Metal Gear Solid 4 Gets A Release Date… Sort of


MGS4 is one of the most anticipated games this gen, but it seems to have the DNF curse as its release date has been pushed around more times that I care to recall. But now word from Destination PlayStation, a retailers conference for all things PlayStation, has the game dropping June 12 of this year (the day after my birthday!).

Now this isn’t an official release date from Konami or anything, so it may be subject to change. But it could be pretty solid considering where it’s coming. There’s been a bit of a stir on the intrawebs about the game being released on a Thursday, but I personally don’t see the big deal.

If this holds up it could be big business for Sony. Considering that the summer months are usually slow months for gaming, and that neither Microsoft or Nintendo have anything on their horizons in the way of big gunners set for that time frame(that we know of). Sony could see some serious cash flow during that time. But then again, it’s MGS4 – it’ll probably sell superbly whenever it’s released.

Like De La Soul says: “It’s getting HOT this year!”

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