ELSPA cracking down on some more UK gaming crime


The Entertainment & Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA) is reporting that they have yet again successfully cracked down on some gaming crime in the UK.

Two men, who shall go nameless pending further investigation, have been arrested for running a ‘while-you-wait’ console chipping service at a computer fair in the UK. Prior to the arrests, ELSPA’s I.P. Crime Unit made a number of investigative purchases at their stand — where they were conducting their business as if they were legit businessmen — which led to obtaining warrants and taking these guys down. Oh, how dramatic.

Besides offering the chipping service, they were also caught selling pre-chipped Wii’s as well as Xbox 360 and Wii games, along with a number of DVD’s, all illegal of course.

Going through one of the men’s homes revealed that a functioning chipping factory was being operated in his garage, while documents found at the premises led to yet another raid at a business location where some more counterfeiting equipment was seized. You see, kids? Crime doesn’t pay, mmkey..