Eternity’s Child Set to Fly On Wii


I’ve recently discovered that a game called Eternity’s Child that’s coming to Wii’s virtual console from Alten8, and I think I’m in love!

The game tells the story of an orphan named Angel who’s wings were cut off to keep him from being murdered when he was a baby. The thing is, where Angel is from there were creatures who could fly, and creatures that couldn’t. The planet was flooded due to pollution and natural disasters and almost all the creatures perished. So here comes the drama, now the creatures without wings are hating on the creatures with wings, so they decide they should just start murdering them. Nice, huh? Now everything on the planet is going to hell, and creating robots to try and repopulate the world to try and make it seem a lot less empty doesn’t help much. More drama ensues because the robots have a murderous itch as well, and decide to start killing everything without prejudice. Twisted enough for you yet ?

Enter Angel again, who’s lived a hard life. First he’s orphaned, then his wings are cut off to protect him from death, then growing up he’s not one of the cool kids and constantly getting his ass beaten and picked on. Angel finally decides he’s had enough of it all and decides to get out of dodge and see if he can find anyone else of his species, in an attempt of finding acceptance and love.

Eternity’s Child is completely hand drawn, everything from the character models down to the animation, and it has 2 player co-op. The DS version will differ from it’s console cousin in the sense that it’ll have a different story and be a 3D platform game.

The games art style looks AMAZING, and it was actually slated to be an Xbox LIVE Arcade title originally. But due to Microsoft and their file size restrictions, Alten8 decided to move the game over to Wii’s virtual console.

There hasn’t been an official release date for the game but I can’t wait to get my hands on this baby! Check out some of the screenshots and make your own mind up, but between this and Ultimate Band coming to Wii, as I stated before, Wii’s game are starting to look really good.

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