Home shaping up to be much more than a pretty system for achievements


Well here’s something you don’t read everyday – in an effort to make Home more appealing to devs and gamers alike, Sony has been reaching out trying to expand on the gaming experience features of the service.

Kotaku reports that titles such as Uncharted, Resistance, and Warhawk are games that are being used as examples on how to expand the properties of Home.

In the case of Resistance, Home visitors will be able to explore a new room, visit unseen areas of the game, and get some bonus content which will delve deeper into the games story-line.

Uncharted will allow players to explore levels of the game at their own pace without having to worry about enemies trying to kill them, and there is also a 2D minigame of sorts, that’s been described as a cross between Contra and Out Of This World.

As for Warhawk, gamers can enter a battle room where they can meet with seven other people and plan their strategies for an upcoming match, and enter a game straight from the Home interface.

So how’s that sound to you? It’s a bit interesting, but nothing staggering, yet. It’s good to see developers expanding on their gaming experiences as well, there’s nothing wrong with added content. As for how this all pans out? We’ll all just have to cool out and wait for it to hit the market.

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