Mario Kart Wii’s text chat is lame, eight-player Battle Mode spotted


Looks like we’re not done talking about the communication options available in Mario Kart Wii, or more specifically, lack there of. Yesterday’s news about the game only having text chat available has now received a little update.

You see, not only doesn’t the game have voice chat, but its text chat is also very limited. Limited to a point where you’ll only be able to choose from a number of pre-determined phrases which can then be sent prior to each match. “I’m-a kick-a your ass-a!” ? Probably not.

But at least there’s some good Mario Kart Wii news today as well – the Battle Mode will apparently support up to eight players, as recently discovered from a screenshot.

But back to the text chat thing, Ninty really wants too keep the game kiddy-friendly, don’t they ? Though not allowing people to talk with each other seems a bit too excessive. They’ve reached a point where they’re removing options that every game should simply have these days, no ?