Want To Rock Out On Your Wii And Can’t Wait For Rock Band? Disney’s Got You Covered


Since Harmonix fumbled the ball and decided not to include Wii in the simulated rocking experience of Rock Band until a later date, Disney has announced that they plan to pick up the ball and get things rolling themselves by announcing Ultimate Band, their very own music game.

Ultimate Band will be making its way to Wii and DS from Disney Interactive in a move that signals rocking out at home has most definitely gone mainstream. In the game, players will be able to use the Wiimote or Stylus to play guitar, drums, bass, or front man. You’ll be able to customize your character to your personal liking, and make a play for the big time, from the humble beginnings of your garage and work you way up to larger venues.

Although no songs have been specified, Disney claims to have top flight talent on board, and “instantly-recognizable songs from classic rock to current hit singles.”

The DS version of the game will add a little bit of curve to the elements of gameplay, putting recording studio elements into the game and allowing users to create their own songs to rock out to.

Ultimate Band will also include an online feature called DGamer to keep players connected via their respective systems to an online community.

Ultimate Band is scheduled for a release date sometime this holiday season. No price has been given.

So let’s see a show of hands, who thinks this is going to be an actual solid game, or a straight up Rock Band rip-off? I know they say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but damn Disney! It appears you took the Rock Band formula and just ran wild with it.

But if the screen shots are any indication, we’ll know the game will at the very least look nice. Actually, based on those screen shots I’m hoping we’re going to start seeing a trend of solid looking games coming out for Wii.

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