Sony Hooking Europe Up With Bundles


We announced recently that the US will be getting a special Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 bundle to go with the games release. But what about Europe? Well, Sony not wanting to leave Europe out of the bundle loop, recently announced two bundles coming exclusively to Europe, though neither of them include a 80GB PS3 nor a game named Metal Gear Solid 4.

If you’re still reading, and done cursing Sony to the high heavens, be cool. Europe will be getting a GT5 Prologue bundle and a Blu-ray bundle which will include Spider-Man, 300, and Casino Royale. Both will come with a 40GB PS3 and they will be dropping within two weeks of each other, with the Blu-ray bundle dropping March 19th, followed by the GT5 bundle on the 29th of March. Each will be priced at 399 Euro’s.