Hang on with a new Uncharted 2 teaser

That crazy Nathan Drake, always getting into trouble with the locals. You can see Nathan doing his thing again (which is staying alive) in this new teaser for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. According to Busta Rhymes, who introduced the teaser for its premiere at the 2008 Spike TV Video Game Awards, what we see here is in-engine footage. We may have to trust Busta on this one because the teaser looks great and does as it intends. Expect to play Among Thieves among friends (or you can play alone, that’s okay too) around Q4 of 2009. As for Busta Rhymes, he may have gained our trust this time, but next time, he’ll have to properly persuade us. Especially if he’s going to keep using lyrics like “Mi come to mekin to mekin.”