Ghost Recon 4 and more coming in 2009-10

Terrorists intending US soil harm better check their closets as they just might get a visit from the ghosts later this year. Ok, not so interesting intros aside, Ubisoft’s recent sales report has given us insight into some of the things to expect from the company and when, and it reveals that one of the company’s biggest franchises, Ghost Recon, is making a return in their 2009-10 lineup and is, for now at least, called simply Ghost Recon 4.

The report also reveals that Sam the spy is coming out of hiding and is getting ready for a holiday visit with Splinter Cell Conviction. Also mentioned were Assassin’s Creed II and Red Steel 2 which have already gotten separate announcements. Unfortunately, and this makes some of us here at TVGB terribly, terribly sad, there’s no mention of Beyond Good & Evil 2. Also unmentioned goes a new Rainbow Six title which was previously rumored to arrive this year.

Some other games that did get mentioned however include the deceptive R.U.S.E., the mysterious I am Alive and the movie-based James Cameron’s Avatar.