Fan video for Robocop song has us under arrest

If there is a better way to start a Friday, we are sure it will still include some great music and a video with fan-created graphics. The amazing video above was not made by anyone associated with Kanye West, says creator Mykola Dosenko, he just likes the song and thought he should make a “badass music video for it.”

At first glance, the video seems to take footage from all sorts of videogames and mashes them together, but that is all together wrong; Dosenko actually created all the graphics himself. Although he admits he references “numerous NES games (Mega Man II, Punch Out!!, Battletoads, Double Dragon, Ninja Gaiden etc) in the video,” none of the images are from the original videogames.

Just wish we were cool enough to know what calling someone a RoboCop meant.