The truth about Mass Effect: Jacob’s Story

A few days ago news unofficially broke about a new game in the Mass Effect universe that would be coming out on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The details stemming from that story were deemed as “research” by Chris Priestly, community coordinator for BioWare. He wrote a post on the Mass Effect community forums setting the record straight on some rumors that have been swirling around the web regarding the new mobile game.

First off, the news was the result of someone in the focus testing group breaking the non-disclosure agreement thus making an unofficial announcement before BioWare was ready. The game is not a story that bridges the gap between Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 but rather a side story about a single character we’ll be introduced to in Mass Effect 2. The story of this character is not essential to understanding Mass Effect lore but Priestly says it’s still fun to experience. BioWare also has a dedicated team working on the mobile game that does not handle any patches or DLC for the console versions. So we can blame the lack of content on another team.

We’ll hear more about this game later in the month.