Cowabunga! Turtles in Time is coming back to the future

We’ve been getting Turtle fever around here lately. When we ran into an original Turtles in Time arcade machine for the first time in years at New York Comic Con, we got a little to excited and started bowstaffing children out of the way in order to get our hands on the joystick.

Things could get a little less ugly when this Ubisoft-published Turtles in Time remake hits Xbox Live Arcade sometime in the future. Not much has been leaked so far, but some early details point to the game being more faithful to the original arcade game than the console release. This is a little bit of a downer, since the SNES version I grew up with had a sweet Technodrome level that wasn’t in the arcade.

There is also word that not just XBLA, but also WiiWare will be getting this nostalgia-packed turtle title. Not only is this exciting, but it makes a lot of sense (always a good combo), because Ubisoft is already publishing a Turtles game for Wii that’s due out later this year.