.deTuned: a cheese-fuelled nightmare of funky beats?

An unusual little demoscene experiment has been unveiled on the Playstation.Blog, and it looks madder than a box of rabid squirrels.

.deTuned will apparently let you create surreal music videos for your own tunes. You can tweak the scene – a man in a chair surrounded by flying hoops and freaky smiley tooth-creatures – using the sixaxis controller. Apparently you can even manipulate the music, to produce some nightmare-inducing remixes.

German group .theprodukkt are the ones responsible for .deTuned, and we can only imagine what kind of substances were involved during the creative process. They’ve been creating demoscene programs for a decade or so, many of which are completely nuts. You can download them for free from the site if you want a taste of how .deTuned is going to turn out. Candytron, which features naked electronic chicks whizzing about the place, earns extra points for the inclusion of breasticles.