EA announces features for The Sims 3

Things will change when The Sims 3 launches as EA has announced online features coming to the anticipated title. With every purchase of The Sims 3 comes $10 worth of SimPoints which players will get when they register at the official website at launch and use at the The Sims 3 Store to buy items. After that, everyone can purchase SimPoints in bundles of 500, 1000 and 2000 because everyone loves purchasing in-game currency at bundles that probably leave you 100 Points left after buying items, right?

Another online feature is the game launcher which will direct players to what’s happening in the Store and the Exchange, which serves as a hub for featured items and player recommendations. It’s also responsible for helping players keep track of all types of media they capture while playing as well as downloads, uploads, installs and game updates.

The final key feature is the overall change to the The Sims 3 main website, which plans to connect players with each other. It will also host tools that will allow the recording of movies and the ability to share profile content and media through several methods of social networking and embedding. This all sounds like quite the package everyone will be getting on Jun 2.