R.U.S.E. walkthrough video: the ruse is in your hands

This new early version walkthrough of Ubisoft’s R.U.S.E. shows off the game’s massive scale compared to most RTS games, and gives us a glimpse at the way we can expect to play ruses on the enemy. The ability detailed in this video allows you to see the enemy commands visually on the field. When “Deciphering” is played, the enemy units have arrows that point to their destinations and targets, allowing you to counterattack as necessary to stop them.

The look is stunning, and we get some great glimpses of the attack effects. Up close the units look like tanks, but as you back out, they look like game pieces stacked (see: Risk). I think my favorite thing about the style is the “horizon line” the map has. If you are zoomed out far enough the sky disappears and looks like a game-board, but as you zoom in you hit that magic atmosphere, and the sky renders above you. Nice to see some new additions to the RTS genre, keep it up Ubisoft.

R.U.S.E. is due out on PS3, 360 and PC in early 2010.