Copies of inFamous reaching people’s hands in mysterious ways

Looks like it’s another case of the ol’ Broken Street Date story. A couple people have posted, with proof, their brand spankin’ new copies of the upcoming PS3 game inFamous. The game went gold back on April 15, and has a slated release date of May 26. With a little over three weeks to go until then, it’s looking like there’s an incredibly slight chance you may be able to nab a copy early.

Upon closer inspection, it looks like one of the sources cited in that post is being tight-lipped about where he scored his copy, and another seemed to only really manage one through non-retail means and a stroke of luck. Maybe don’t get your hopes up too high, but if copies are out in the world outside of warehouses, maybe they’re out there for us? Maybe I just want an officially broken street date! What of it!