Left 4 Dead 40% off on Steam

For those of you PC gamers who have not had the orgasmic experience of playing Valve’s Left 4 Dead yet, get your ass in gear! Valve, who has been slashing prices on some of its best games recently, is offering up Left 4 Dead for 40% off on Steam. I know, I know: it’s a shame that XBL and PSN are not privy to the same offer, but it’s still one hell of a deal. The game, which is normally $39.99, is available for $23.99 right now. This offer is only good until the end of the day today, so pull your head out and get online.

This ridiculous deal comes on the heels of the 24-hour-free demo of the game Valve held on Friday. If you took our advice and tried the game out, my guess is you’re hooked on taking out hordes of Zombies with your friends. So, make the smart choice, and continue to feed your appetite for zombie blood. T’aint nothin’ better.