Two more characters confirmed for Wii Punch-Out!!

If there was ever any doubt that Nintendo and developer Next Level Games were going to be mashing the nostalgia button, Takahashi Meijin-style, with the upcoming Punch-Out!! for Wii, it’s all but been eradicated as more and more characters have been revealed. In fact, it’s been confirmed in some advanced reviews that the only brand-new character in the game is the already-announced Disco Kid, whom we’ve known about since TGS.

And now, courtesy of GoNintendo, we know that Great Tiger and Piston Honda will be two of the 13 fighters we’ll have to contend with when the game hits stores later this month. Protip: watch for the flashing jewel on Great Tiger’s turbin, and get ready to dodge when Piston Honda’s eyebrows start twitching. Oh, and don’t forget to join the Nintendo Fun Club today!