Quake Live getting new maps, private matches

For those who don’t know, Quake Live is a free, in-browser version of Quake 3 Arena currently available for free. The open beta launched in late February to pretty high fanfare and huge technical difficulties. Servers were down, leaderboards crashed and erased repeatedly, wait times could be measured in hours. The good folks at id got to work and, amazingly, everything got better.

Now Quake Live is everything it promised to be, a functioning and free version of Q3A, but the folks over at id aren’t ones to just settle for competent. Announced Friday, Quake Live will soon be getting a deluge of new content. The leaderboards and award system will be back up, we’re getting new maps, the practice area will be re-worked to be more like private matches and, oh yeah, private matches. No more dealing with whoever you get thrown into a game with, now you can just a set a game to private and only play your friends all day long.

id also announced that the first ever official Quake Live tournament will be held at this year’s Quakecon. More info on that “very soon.” All these are being handled by the dedicated team over there at id Software, except for one lone programmer. What’s he up to? Not much, just making the game work with Macs/Linux. Live it up Mac and Linux users, one guy works all day, every day, just for you.