The Saboteur first gameplay video and developer interview are sneakily good

It is a great day in TVGB-land, a relaxing kind of day. The kind of day where we lay back, with our mind on our money and our money on our minds. Luckily, for you at least, since all our money goes to videogames, we have to keep up to date on the latest happenings with the industry and these two videos, a dev diary interview and the first actual gameplay footage, from EA for The Saboteur are hot off the proverbial press.

In the video above, Lead Designer Tom French talks about the background of the protagonist, Sean Devlin, and just why he is being a general badass in France. He also speaks about why some of the game is in black and white while other parts are in color, which is a very interesting addition to a videogame. The second video, after the jump, is your basic potpourri of gameplay with driving, shooting, and running sequences. Some scenes may look pre-rendered, leading to questions about the actual in-game playability, but even the obviously player controlled moments look really good.

With a story line this juicy, there is only one question left to be asked; when is Hollywood going to ruin this game too?