World of Fight? Warhammercraft?

World of Warcraft’s old operator in China, The 9, recently got dropped by Blizzard to license the game in favor of a new operator Netease. However, it looks like The 9 will not be deterred as they launched a interesting new website with the acronym WoF. Now we can’t read Chinese but we’re assured that WoF stands for World of Fight which is apparently a new game coming from The 9.

What is most interesting is the picture used on the site. For anyone who has played Warhammer Online, they’ll recognize it as one of the portals from the Chaos zones (check out the screenshot from Warhammer Online after the break). Is The 9 planning to make knock offs of not only World of Warcraft but Warhammer Online as well? Or maybe perhaps they’re going to be the Chinese operator of Mythic’s Warhammer Online. Who knows. We’ll have to keep an ear out for what Blizzard, Mythic and The 9 have to say about this.