EA remains “cautiously optimistic” on the industry

Today was EA’s Q4 2009 earnings conference call and we learned quite a few things about the company’s future plans. Things like they’re launching their biggest retail campaign yet and that Brütal Legend and Dragon Age will be among the company’s top titles that’ll see lots of marketing dollars. We also found out that EA had 31 million-selling titles in fiscal ’09, will be bringing out more subscription-based titles, have 30 iPhone games planned, that they like digital distribution and will be focusing on it even more, and some other things.

Also during the call, CEO John Riccitiello said retailers “continue to be cautious with initial orders, waiting for confirmation of strong sell-through before committing to more inventory,” but that he is confident in the quality of EA’s games as well as their marketing efforts to create and sustain demand for them.

But perhaps the appropriate way to end the day is to point out that, while they expect negative growth in April-June when compared to the same period a year ago, EA remains “cautiously optimistic” on the industry as a whole.