Free Radical goes wild, let loose on ‘dream projects’

A couple months ago Crytek, developer of pretty games such as Crysis, announced they acquired the all-but-dead-and-decaying shell known as Free Radical, who didn’t even get to deliver Timesplitters 4 as an apology for Haze (oh burn). Usually when an acquisition like this goes down it means an assimilation into the Borg cube and bad things for previously held properties, which makes the fans (and developers, I would imagine) break keyboards and decimate tissue boxes until everything is bloody and sore. However, the future looks bright for Free Radical, or as they’re now known, Crytek UK (of Borg).

Speaking with Develop, Cevat Yerli, CEO of Crytek, said, “We are working with Free Radical on things that they always dreamed to do. We are providing the team a roadmap and the chance to grow, which is why we were picked as a partner, and not anyone else.”

While there’s no word on what exactly the team is working on it’s good to hear they’re continuing to push on doing what they love. Let’s hope they ultimately get to deliver that apology since some of us are like elephants and never forget. Making whatever’s going on in the image above a reality would be a nice start. Kisses to you, Crytek UK. Stay beautiful.