The Tudors getting made into a “family friendly” game

I’m sure he’s just helping her find her lost contact so they can take turns reading the Bible aloud.

I don’t know about you, but the first thing that comes to mind after each and every episode of The Tudors, Showtime’s bodice-ripping retelling of the life and times of King Henry VIII as beautifully costumed soft porn, is what a great family friendly game this would make!

Lacking the ability to discern sarcasm, casual game company Merscom announced today that they’ve teamed up with Showtime to make a family friendly adventure game based on The Tudors, which will have players solving a mystery that runs parallel to the show. A mystery that will surprisingly not involve discovering whose hand is currently caressing the royal peen. How they intended to make this subject matter appropriate for “gamers of all ages” is the real mystery here, as you clearly can’t portray the reign of England’s most notorious wife wedder and beheader without flashing some nipple. Nipples are historical fact.