Bioshocker / Rapture could be visited again and again and again

If you’re someone that feels BioShock is a beautiful and unique sea creature that should be left unmolested and cherished for what it was then it’s probably best you cover your internet ears and go to a happy place. In a two part interview with Jordan Thomas, Creative Director for 2K Marin, Official Xbox Magazine asked about the possibility of visiting Rapture for another round of scary happenings under the sea (cue singing crab).

“I think Rapture remains fertile for as much expansion as a team sees in it. I absolutely belive [sic] that there might be future games set in Rapture in whatever time period, but I would also say that I think that the Bioshock brand is big enough that it could evolve,” says Thomas, “I can’t speak to specific sequels past Bioshock 2 now, but I could speculate and say merely that the type of experience that Bioshock is is flexible enough to see lots of expansion down the road, and a lot of different directions.”

The idea of more sequels in the BioShock franchise is a no-brainer since the first one struck the right nerve with critics and fans, but with the sequel still a ways off it might be too soon to start stamping hands for return admission. And would it be appropriate to call a BioShock game not set in Rapture, “Bioshock“?