If you live outside Japan, and plan to buy Final Fantasy: Advent Children on Blu-ray for a demo of Final Fantasy XIII, don’t

Yes, don’t. You will only be sorely sorely disappointed. If, however, you dig the film and want to see it in high definition cg glory, be our guest. Yoshinori Kitase, producer of Final Fantasy XIII, has told Videogamer that they won’t be pulling that quadrupled-PS3-sales-in-Japan stuff abroad. The logic: It’s coming out on the 360 as well, and they apparently have some sense of fairness about that. The solution: downloadable demos, which they see as a more common practice around these Western parts. Logical solution.

Really, this is good news. You get to save $30 and still play the demo. Sony may be kicking some sand, hoping that what that demo did in Japan it could very possibly do stateside or euroside, but eh… whaddayagonnado? The bad news, really, is that we here still don’t get to play the game any time soon.