Marvel vs. Capcom 3 “not part of this plan” but possible, MvC 2 partially de-glitched

Capcom have spoken out about the possibility of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and the answer is a resounding… maybe. If we buy enough Marvel vs. Capcom 2, that is.

Speaking to Joystiq, Capcom Community Manager Seth Killian has said that the current plans for the series do not stretch beyond the upcoming XBLA and PSN release of Marvel vs. Capcom 2, saying that MvC 3 is “not part of this deal.” However, he did tease, “What we’re hoping is that if people get really juiced about this title, and we can show Marvel that there’s a lot of heat behind this, then they’ll open up the door for us to do something with ‘3,’ which is something we’d love to do.”

Marvel vs. Capcom 2‘s Producer Rey Jiminez was similarly carrot-dangly in an interview with Street Fighter Devotion, adding, “While I’m not saying (yes I know this is frustrating to fans) that Capcom will definitely do a new Marvel game, I will say that the anticipated success of MvC2 will send a clear message to us that a new Marvel game is what the fans want. Actually, I honestly can’t think of a very successful Capcom game that did not get at least one sequel.”

No surprises then, really. If Capcom can make money out of another entry to the series then they’ll provide it. I’m gonna buy 2 Marvel vs. Capcom 2s just to be on the safe side.

In the SFD interview Jiminez also stated that a while MvC 2 hasn’t been re-balanced (like SF2: HD Remix), some annoying/game breaking glitches have been fixed. “All of the move properties have been preserved in the game and so have some of the glitches. We did make sure that we did our best to eliminate any of the destructive glitches, like the Gambit glitch, from the game. In order to do this, we brought in MikeZ and Magnetro of MvC 2 combo video fame to help find and verify that the glitches were gone from the game. It was really amazing to see them at work.”

There are a few Gambit-related glitches out there. While the glitch SFD are referring to is probably this one, where Gambit can disappear from the screen, let’s hope that the one below hasn’t slipped them by. That’s one serious combo.