Sony pulls publishing coup for Ghostbusters: The Video Game

The fanboys seem to be taking the news surprisingly well, with rampage casualties peaking in the low hundreds.

Sony Computer Entertainment has worked a last-minute publishing deal with Atari to release Ghostbusters: The Video Game as a “timed exclusive” in PAL territories (i.e. Europe), meaning the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 versions of the game, to be released on June 19 in conjunction with the film’s Blu-ray debut, will be getting a sizeable head start with the Xbox 360, Wii and DS versions to be released “later in the year.” In addition, the previously denied PSP version has officially been confirmed for release sometime later this fall, with distribution duties once again being handled by Sony.

So, to recap: Xbox 360, Wii and DS fans all across Europe will be not be bustin’ ectoplasmic baddies anytime soon. Atari will still be handling distribution in NTSC territories (i.e. North America), where all versions save the PAL-only PSP will be releasing simultaneously June 16.