Brütal Legend + Tenacious D = unholy metal union of awesome

Just when you thought Double Fine’s ode to all things metal in game form, Brütal Legend, couldn’t get any more rad, EA and GameStop have uncloaked a special pre-order bonus for those needing metal up their ass. Throwing some coin towards either the Xbox 360 or PS3 version of Brütal Legend at GameStop, before its Rocktober release date, will net you an exclusive in-game Tenacious D-themed guitar — behold its magnificence above, even if it might be just a tribute.

The guitar is more than just a cosmetic how-do-you-do as it will also include new sound effects, spiffy graphical effects and voice work from both Jack Black and Kyle Gass, aka The D, aka The Greatest Rock Band in the World. Your contribution to metal awesome will also be reflected while tearing it up in the game’s multiplayer modes so everyone will know you’re kind of a big deal and your metal-peen reigns supreme.